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... for the first time!
Did you know...?

90% of the traffic on your website does not generate any contact points for your sales team!


With Infra Info and Clickitel, you can now address this anonymous audience directly.


Our Business Intelligence Technology allows you to reach the majority of your site's anonymous traffic. You can have relevant information and make targeted, cost-effective promotions. Establish a direct relationship with your potential customers.

Cickitel allows you to significantly reach your target audience, at home or at the office, simply form visits to your website.

Your anonymous visitors are now within reach!
Get new

You are now able to reach 90% of your site’s anonymous traffic.

Plan tactical campaigns

You now have the ability to convert anonymous visits into a potential customer.

Highly targeted data

Targeted, referenced data shows you where your audience is. You now know the impact of your business.

Real-time communication

Deploy a localized, traceable, and customized campaign.


Mensurable results and relevant analyses on your advertising expenses.

A formula that says a lot

We keep track of your website’s activity and are able to identify where and when people are surfing on your site. You decide who you want to reach. You can target markets according to your expectations and invest according to your specific budget.



With our CMS, we target your audience with you.

Clickitel will help you position your company in the lead.

I would like to learn how to communicate with the 90% of my site’s anonymous visitors.

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